Marsala Vintage 1980

Over 35 years
in oak barrels

Heritage Francesco Intorcia

"My legacy, the legacy of our family."

Entering our wineries and being able to choose is easy,
Call it luck, but if all this exists it is because
our family believed in Marsala,
Guarding it as a priceless treasure.

The first day of work in the family business
Is a memory that Francis relives every moment.
He understood from the first moment that within
Of the historic cellars treasures were kept,
He felt it vibrating within him.

Like a novel, he began flipping through its pages.
Tasting vat after vat, he realizes that the Marsala
Was losing, little by little, but inexorably
its beautiful history, its roots, its memory.
The more he flipped through the book backwards immersing himself in the tasting
Of the older vintages, the more could see
The freshness and complexity of the wines.

In 2010 with his father Antonio the decision was made to bottle the first Intorcia 3gen Reserves. He let him choose the vats: and so the choice fell on the 1980 vintage in the three types
Virgin, Sweet and Semi-dry.
Amazing complexity, minerality and acidity.
“Five years later, during a tour of the cellar with him, I discover two more vats vintage 1980. I was surprised, but it was at that moment that my father’s mischievous smile informed me that the time had come to bring my project to life.”

Traditional Perpetual Method

Pre-British White

A wine that best expresses our terroir in its complexity and minerality.

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