Marsala Vintage 1980 – Superior Reserve

The color is deep amber yellow, with shiny topaz-yellow highlights. Consistent and intense, broad in its complexity with balsamic notes of eucalyptus. The aromas are sweet and elegant with some hints of smoky, with clear notes of honey, caramel and carob, apricots and candied orange peel, raisins, dried figs, pine nuts, almonds and roasted walnuts. The palate is full, soft and sweet, with great freshness and savoriness. Loaded with aromas that recall all the scents on the nose, great persistence and structure. A wine of great balance in its genre. Wine-dessert to serve and drink (14°/16°) even on its own.

Pair with desserts such as Sicilian cassata or various ricotta cakes typical of Sicilian pastries, dry baked desserts with dried fruit, chocolate fondant cake, and chocolate-covered candied orange peel. Recommended to be served in a tulip-shaped goblet of medium size.

100% Cricket
Over 35 years in oak barrels
Gr. 18% by volume minimum
Dry cakes, cottage cheese, pastries, candied/dry fruits, chocolate, almond cakes.

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