Pre British White

From the native white grape variety, an icon of the area’s wine production, the grapes are hand-picked and laid in boxes at the crack of dawn, during the period of full ripeness. After being cooled and macerated in contact with the skins for 3 days, the grapes are subjected to soft pressing, initiating the fermentation process, at a constant, controlled temperature.
After racking, the wine is transferred to 1000-liter perpetual barrels for aging for at least 6 to 8 months. The tradition of the area is revived: perpetual wine (refilling of a cuvée as a selection of the best vintages). Ageing technique in use before the landing of the British and basis for the later production of Marsala.
After the aging period is over, it is put into the bottle, where it rests for an additional 4 to 6 months.
A wine that best expresses our terroir in its complexity and minerality. Clear notes of citrus and even ripe yellow fruits, pleasant herbaceous hints, sweet spices, freshly roasted almonds, and interesting balsamic notes. Intense, broad and enveloping, the palate is soft and warm. Good correspondence with the olfactory sensations, with surprising freshness and great persistence.

100% Native white berry monovarietal
Over 6 months in large oak barrels and over 4 months in bottle
Gr. 15.5% by volume minimum
Street food, sushi, battered vegetables, risottos and soups, shellfish, tuna, ratatouille, fried fish.

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